Solar Services

Weltech Electrical Offers You A Complete Solar Energy Solution !

We at Weltech Electrical promise to take complete care of your solar project requirements from start to finish. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that each client is provided with best possible returns on the solar investment.

We will begin with a site survey, gather complete details and would then offer you a proposal that covers all your requirements. We will work together with you to determine your exact requirements; our goal is to provide you with a solution that helps you build up the energy potential.

We will work on the building and budget limitations closely to offer you an aesthetically pleasing and functional power system!

Weltech Electrical Gives You Enough Options To Choose From

Our expert team would work closely with you to ensure that the entire solar power system developed complies with the zoning and mounting restrictions. We will provide you with multiple options to choose from, ensuring that you get to pick something that falls within that stipulated budget.

Our focus stays on providing you with a system that gives you more than the estimate energy required. Our team will come out with the consumption pattern to determine what you need and would then initiate the process of designing an efficient solar power system around it.

With licensed installers in the team, there is nothing that you need to worry about; the work would be done in accordance to the industry standards. Our team stays in contact with you even after the system has been installed so that you do not miss on those regular check ups. We are an expert at diagnosing fault and for your peace of mind we will give you a compressive written report to tell you the outcome of the break down.

We will look into your home and businesses, make a detailed assessment and would prescribe you a solar system only if it suits your home, no force selling here!

Want to reduce your energy costs? Why not call Weltech Electrical today for a free quote.

Our solar power systems are designed to meet all the energy saving standards. Certified installers will carefully install the system at your premises so that using it does not give you hassles. We have got both experience and knowledge on working on all systems ranging from small scale renewable energy to large scale energy system.

Our customer support service is the best in the niche; we will monitor the performance at regular intervals so that the output level stays high.

Call us for a free consultation today, we will look into your project needs and prescribe you a solution!