LED Lighting

You Can Rely On Weltech Electrical For Comprehensive LED Lighting Services

If looking forward for replacing those traditional lighting fixtures with LEDs all you need to do is contact Weltech for a complete LED lighting solution. We will carry out the installation as per the industry norms so that you can get better visibility along with reduced energy consumption.

We are a one stop solution to all the LED lighting needs and with a capable team we stand all comfortable to offer you the best solution each time. Our lighting solutions will meet needs of your industrial, residential and commercial premises with precision so that you can gain maxim from this investment made.

LED Lighting

Our team will carry out a detailed survey of the area where the LED lights are to be installed and would then you a written requirement of what all is required including the cost of installation. Our electrical team would work closely on this project to provide you with multiple designs options to consider.

We use only good quality LED fixtures coming from reputed brands ensuring that you invest in something that would last long for years to come!

For Us No LED Installation Project Is Complicated

We at Weltech Electrical make sure that this makeshift from CFLs or halogens to LEDs turns out to be an efficient and cost saving one and that too without putting you through any hassles. Our team will educate you about the variants to consider for your home, industry, office or home looking closely into the illumination needs and would then install these in a way that you get enough amount of light.

LED Lighting for home or office? We will supply and install. Call us for a free quote today

Our team is not going to force you for a change that is not required; we will install LEDs into those old fittings if they are in good working condition. Our team has been carry out LED lighting installation since this concept gained popularity and this means that with us you will go with specialists. We have all the equipments required to perform installation at high access areas and that too abiding by the industry rules.

Our LED lighting solutions are designed to meet your needs; we will carry out the installation when you need so that there is no disruption in your office work or factory production. We will discuss with you the timing and access suitability and would then plan out the installation accordingly.

Weltech Electrical charges you same for weekday and weekend LED lighting services, going with us will save you huge bucks!